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  • K600ETI - 32 Equivalent
K600ETI - 32 Equivalent

K600ETI - 32 Equivalent

Equivalent, equivalence, replacement, alternative, analog, retrofit, analogue, derivative, substitution: Hyflux K600ETI-32, HyFlux KRISTAL K600ETI-32, K600ETI32

General Information

TFETV-32 is an equivalent, replacement, alternative, retrofit and analogue to replace Hyflux KRISTAL K600ETI-32 (Hyflux K600ETI - 32) UF membrane module.
K600ETI - 32 equivalent TFETV-32 ultrafiltration (UF) membrane module is a pressurized module, which is designed and manufactured for the filtration of surface water, potable water, seawater, industrial wastewater and municipal sewage. These UF modules are made of new generation PVDF hollow fiber membrane with high fouling resistance and hydrophilicity.
K600ETI - 32 equivalent TFETV-32 UF module is applied in new systems, as well as directly connected to existing UF systems as replacements, providing high-quality filtrate by removing suspended solids, colloids, pyrogens, bacteria, viruses and other impurities to protect downstream processes.


  • Outside-to-inside flow direction
  • New generation PVDF hollow fiber
  • Nominal pore size of 0.025 μm
  • Typical filtrate quality SDI ≤ 2.5, turbidity ≤ 0.1 NTU


  • High tolerance for feed water
  • High-quality filtrate
  • Less energy needed by high flux
  • Longer service life by high fouling resistance and mechanical strength
  • Direct and economical module replacement


  • Surface water
  • Well water
  • Potable water
  • Municipal sewage
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Reclaimed water reuse
  • RO pre-treatment
  • Pre-treatment of seawater desalination

Module Dimensions

Hyflux KRISTAL K600ETI-32 UF Membrane Module Equivalent Module Dimensions





Feed, Filtrate, Concentrate

1,600 mm
(62.99 inch)

316 mm
(12.44 inch)

344 mm
(13.54 inch)

216 mm
(8.5 inch)

1.5” FNPT






Effective membrane area

32 m² (345 ft²)

Membrane material

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

Fiber ID/OD

0.7/1.3 mm (0.02/0.05 inch)

Flow direction


Pore size

0.025 μm

Bacteria removal

> 99.9999%

Housing material


End caps material


Potting material

Polyurethane resin

O-rings material


Dry weight

50 KG (110 lbs)

Wet weight filled with water

90 KG (198 lbs)

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Type of operation

Dead-end flow or cross flow

Clean water flux (30°C)

200 L/m2·h (118 gfd)

Design flux (25°C)

60-120 L/m2·h (35-71 gfd)


1-40°C (34-104°F)

Maximum feed pressure (20°C)

2.5 bar (36.2 psi)

Maximum trans-membrane pressure (TMP)

2 bar (29 psi)

Backwash flux (25°C)

80-120 L/m2·h (48-71 gfd)

Maximum backwash TMP

2 bar (29 psi)

Maximum cleaning TMP

2 bar (29 psi)

Maximum air scour feed pressure

2.5 bar (36 psi)

Maximum air scour flow

4-12 Nm3/hr (2.4-7.1 scfm)

pH continuous operation @ 25°C


pH cleaning @ 25°C


Maximum NaClO in Operation

10 mg/L

Maximum NaClO in Cleaning

500 mg/L

Maximum feed TSS

100 ppm

Maximum feed turbidity

300 NTU

Maximum feed particle size

 300 µm

Filtrate SDI15


Filtrate turbidity

≤0.1 NTU

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