Economical equivalents with quick delivery for membrane replacement of your water and wastewater treatment projects.

About Us

Many customers are suffering from long delivery and high cost for replacement projects and existing projection, and are keen for a better option.

As a professional and experienced manufacturer, we are manufacturing equivalent membranes for direct and economical replacement to reduce the operation cost for customers worldwide.

Our equivalent membranes are used for filtration of surface water, underground water, potable water, seawater, industrial wastewater and municipal sewage. Though some of these membranes are applied in new systems, most of our membranes are directly connected to existing systems as replacements, providing high-quality filtrate. The industries these equivalent membranes used are municipal water, industrial process, power plant, petrochemical industry, sea water desalination etc.

Our Advantages

20+ years experience in membrane research, development and manufacturing
High performance and stable quality
Better cost-effectiveness
Quick delivery

Our Mission

Empower customers with science and technology to improve water quality for all mankind.

Our Vision

Helping 1 billion people for clean water and treated wastewater by working with 10,000 partners.

Our Values

Customer and quality first.
Long-termism, contributing value.
Cooperation on win-win, collaboration and sharing.
Honesty, humility and gratitude.
Commitment and execution, enterprising and passionate.
Open and respectful, be brave to change and innovate.
Market we supply
Domestic market, Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia.
Industry we serve
Food & Beverage
Industrial Process
Medical Water
Seawater Desalination
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Pulp & Paper

About Us

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