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PES UF membrane modules are made of naturally hydrophilic PES hollow fiber ultra-filtration membranes and potted as modules for cross-flow or dead-end filtration in water and wastewater treatment.

PES ultrafiltration membrane modules are pressurized modules, which are designed and manufactured for the filtration of surface water, potable water, industrial wastewater and municipal sewage. These ultrafiltration modules use naturally hydrophilic PES hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane with excellent performance.

The mode of operation is feed-and-bleed with a minor cross flow or dead-end with regular backwash (with filtrate only) and chemically enhanced backwash.

UF membrane modules provide high-quality filtrate by removing suspended solids, colloids, pyrogens, bacteria, viruses and other impurities to protect downstream processes. 


  • Nominal pore sizes
  • Microporous symmetric structure
  • Naturally hydrophilic membrane composed of a blend of polyethersulfone and polyvinylpyrrolidone
  • High performance and very good anti-fouling characteristic
  • Typical filtrate quality SDI<3, turbidity<0.1 NTU
  • Membrane filtration provides 99.9999% (LOG 6) reduction of bacteria (Pseudomonas diminuta) and 99.99% (LOG 4) reduction of virus (MS2 colifages) by mechanical means.


  • High quality raw material
  • High thermal and chemical solvent resistance
  • High chemical tolerance for cleaning
  • Optimized design, high resistance to fouling


  • Surface water
  • Potable water
  • Pre-treatment of sea water desalination
  • Pre-treatment of industrial water
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Municipal sewage
Membrane: PES (polyethersulfone)
Fiber type: single bore or multi-bore
Housing material: UPVC
Effective membrane area: 5 to 80 m²
Module Dimensions
Length from 1225 mm to 2340 mm
Diameter from 90 mm to 250 mm
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